This is a replacement spare part for LG Computers. It is suitable for replacing spare parts with 1SZZBA4017C part number in LG products.

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Part No 1SZZBA4017C
Product 1SZZBA4017C LG SCREW
Category Electronics
Subcategory Computers
Class Computers
Replacement Item Other Items
Suitable Brand LG
Suitable Models ✔  LG E300 (E300-A405A)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-B4M48A)
✔  LG LWC65 (LWC65-RDZA)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-BZJA)
✔  LG LS45 (LS45-INTSVC001)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-DEQA)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-JPV6QA)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-BAJA)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-212A)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-HLV4QA)
✔  LG LW65 (LW65-RDZA)
✔  LG TX (TX-SVC001)
✔  LG LW65 (LW65-R4ZA)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-QCMA)
✔  LG R500 (R500-UPWSA)
✔  LG E200 (E200-SVC.A001)
✔  LG PS (PS-SVC001)
✔  LG E300 (E300-AB20A)
✔  LG R500 (R500-CBW1A)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-D2JA)
✔  LG LE50 (LE50-SVC001)
✔  LG E310 (E310-M2A8GA)
✔  LG LW65 (LW65-B2MA)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-DBJA)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-B3M44A)
✔  LG LM67 (LM67-INTSVC001)
✔  LG E200 (E200-A4PKA)
✔  LG R500 (R500-CBW2A)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-DLD48A)
✔  LG LW60 (LW60-BKD48A)
SKU Number SLN_0024635


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SKU SLN_0024635
Brand LG