This is a genuine replacement label (inverter r32). It is suitable for replacing spare parts for DAIKIN Air Conditioners.

SALIN is a leading Australian appliance spare parts distributor specializing in DAIKIN applicances. We take pride in our ability to bring hard-to-find DAIKIN spare parts into the Australian market. We are proudly Australian-owned and operated. Our sales office is conveniently located in Sydney, NSW. Most of our DAIKIN range is genuine.  

TitleGenuine Label (Inverter R32) for Daikin Part No 4015906
TypeLabel (Inverter R32)
Part No4015906
Compatible Brands✔ Daikin
Suitable Models✔  Daikin RQA60QRV16 PL-1508-2
✔  Daikin RQA60RRV162 PL-1602-1
✔  Daikin RQD35QRV16 PL-1508-2
✔  Daikin RQD35RRV162 PL-1601-6
✔  Daikin RQD50QRV16 PL-1508-2
✔  Daikin RQD50RRV162 PL-1602-1
✔  Daikin RQD60QRV16 PL-1508-2
✔  Daikin RQD60RRV162 PL-1602-1
✔  Daikin RQG25TV16X2Z PL-2211-23
✔  Daikin RQG28TV16X2Z PL-2202-2
✔  Daikin RQG35SRV162 PL-1710-1
✔  Daikin RQG35TV16X2 PL-1803-41
✔  Daikin RQG35TV16X2Z PL-1907-3
✔  Daikin RQG50SRV161B PL-1704-9
✔  Daikin RQG50TV16U1 PL-1803-41
✔  Daikin RQG50TV16U2Z PL-2202-2
✔  Daikin RQG50TV16U3 PL-1902-4
✔  Daikin RQG60SRV162B PL-1704-9
✔  Daikin RQG60TV16U2 PL-1803-41
✔  Daikin RQG60TV16U2Z PL-1907-3
✔  Daikin RQG60UV16U5 PL-2201-5
✔  Daikin RS09SRV161 PL-1710-2
✔  Daikin RS12SRV162 PL-1710-2
✔  Daikin RS18SRV162 PL-1710-2
✔  Daikin RS24SRV161 PL-1710-2
✔  Daikin RUF35RRV161 PL-1602-1
✔  Daikin RUF50RRV161 PL-1602-1
✔  Daikin RUF60RRV161 PL-1602-1
✔  Daikin RXC100A2V1A PL-2212-4
✔  Daikin RXC100AV1A PL-2102-1
✔  Daikin RXC71A2V1A PL-2212-4
✔  Daikin RXC71AV1A PL-2102-1
✔  Daikin RXC85A2V1A PL-2212-4
✔  Daikin RXC85AV1A PL-2102-1
✔  Daikin RXM32TVL PL-1810-4
✔  Daikin RXM63NVLT PL-1507-2
✔  Daikin RXM71NVLT PL-1507-2
✔  Daikin RXM71RVLT PL-1606-1
✔  Daikin RXM80NVLT PL-1507-2
✔  Daikin RXM80RVLT PL-1606-1
✔  Daikin RXM85P2VMA PL-2212-10
✔  Daikin RXM85PAVMA PL-1909-2
✔  Daikin RXM85WVMA PL-2211-27
✔  Daikin RXM90NVLT PL-1507-2
✔  Daikin RXM90RVLT PL-1606-1
✔  Daikin RXM95P2VMA PL-2212-10
✔  Daikin RXM95PAVMA PL-1909-2
✔  Daikin RXM95WVMA PL-2211-27
✔  Daikin RXV71NVLT PL-1506-3
✔  Daikin RXV71RVLT PL-1701-1
✔  Daikin RXV71SVLT PL-1802-1
✔  Daikin RXV80SVLT PL-1802-1
✔  Daikin RXV80WVMA PL-2211-27
✔  Daikin RXV80XVLT PL-2303-21
✔  Daikin RXV85L2VMA PL-2212-10
✔  Daikin RXV85LVMA PL-1908-1
✔  Daikin RXV90SVLT PL-1802-1
✔  Daikin RXV90WVMA PL-2211-27
✔  Daikin RXV90XVLT PL-2303-21
✔  Daikin RXV95L2VMA PL-2212-10
✔  Daikin RXV95LVMA PL-1908-1
✔  Daikin RZCF50BRV16 PL-1802-5
✔  Daikin RZCF60BRV16 PL-1802-5
✔  Daikin RZF18AVMK PL-2001-3
✔  Daikin RZF24AVMK PL-2001-3
✔  Daikin RZMF50BRV16 PL-1712-6
✔  Daikin RZMF50BRV169 PL-1712-6
✔  Daikin RZMF71BRV16 PL-1712-6
✔  Daikin RZMF71BRV169 PL-1712-6
✔  Daikin RZVF50BRV16 PL-1712-6
✔  Daikin RZVF50BRV169 PL-1712-6
✔  Daikin RZVF71BRV16 PL-1712-6
✔  Daikin RZVF71BRV169 PL-1712-6
SKU NumberDKN_4015906_C1

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MPN No_4015906
SKU DKN_4015906_C1
Brand Daikin