Refund Policy

  • After the receipt of the goods, please inspect as soon as possible. If there is any alleged defect, shortage in quantity, the buyer must notify us in two business days of delivery.

  • The buyer also should give a reasonable amount of time for Salin to assess the situation and the reasons for the claim. 

  • If the buyer fails to comply with the conditions outlined above, the product will be deemed free from any defect or damage.

  • The buyer's remedy is limited to requiring us to complete any shortage or defect by either replacing the product or a proportionate refund.

  • Once an order for a product has been accepted it can only be cancelled at Salin's absolute discretion and subject to such terms as we shall impose.

  • We are unable to cancel or provide a refund for goods in transit.

  • If a refund is requested for an alleged fault or defect,  we reserve our right to seek an independent qualified person's report.

  • Once accepted, refunds will be paid within 5 business days of the refund being agreed.

  • Open a ticket from our resolution centre to make a refund claim.

For your queries Contact us on (04) 1726 3297 or visit Contact Us.